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Our PRO Series Tower Docks are a great option for those looking for shoreline solutions in shallow waters (typically less than 10 feet) and also seeking less maintenance. The Tower Dock is very similar to the pole dock and performs uniformly. However, in the winter months this type of dock frame has the ability to cantilever so that you have the peace of mind that your investment is safe and out of the water and ice. Entering into Spring, the dock can then be lowered into the water and the deck panels are placed back on so you can begin to enjoy the warm weather worry free. 


Starting from the bottom, we use aluminium poles attached to adjustable sleeves welded into the custom aluminium frame.  Finished off with your choice of PT (Pressure Treated Lumber), Western Red Cedar, or solid PVC decking and skirting.  These systems require very little material in the water making them an environmentally friendly docking system.

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